Alhamdulillah...Minggu ni ak baru je lepas 2 interview yg dipilih setelah tolak tawaran eduquest camp petronas..Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship programme(13/4) and Mara scholarship(14/4)..
Now..i just want to share some experiences from yayasan khazanah scholarship programme..On 13 apr..i woke up very early than usual because i didn't prepare anything..(rase da cukup kot tulis BI)..Kemudian my dad hantar i sampai ke KTM seremban jek..then,i went to KL using my dad's tuch n GO..Cam bese,KTM was moving too slow like there was a traffic jam on the landasan..hahaha..aku sampai KL sentral sharp on time(9.00 a.m)..

Then,my pak ngah take me to the Mercu UEM where the session dibuat..
My first impression when i came into the oddysey hall(7th Floor)..I just can say..WOW!!
The hall was very big ellegance cold and comfortable..There are a lot of student talking with each other..and the important thing is..they talk in fully english..So,i take place at the back..far from the 'mat saleh and minah saleh malaysia'..ta nak borak dgn diorng..hahaha

aku duduk next to the 44 years old man who are working in putrajaya(postgraduate programme)..When i discover that he is 44 years old and also one af the mat saleh stomach start to pancreas and all small intestine large intestine and also liver start saying:"i want to go out!!"..hahaha.Then,thee uncle start talking with me(english language)..but..i with all muka tembok and slumber..reply as a malay..hehehe..Relax..ak ni anak jati malaysia..tak terpengaruh dengan bahas asing..cehh..padahal ta pandai speaking sbnarnye..

Our session had been delay for 1 hour because there are a lot of students are stuck in traffic jam..So,for this first session..there were only 'simple IQ test'..but,it is enough to make our brain move out from our head..hahaha..Tak tahulah lepas ke tak..i just can pray to ALLAh..

Sekitar interview

Oddysey Hall

Captured from the 7th floor..

My table

from my place...

i'm at the back

so,i can conclude that if i had made a mistake(not if but sure) in my post..plis tell me in comment box..i need ur help..hahahaha

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